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Forest inventory Geo-System

Web-based Forest inventory Geo-System used to acquire data on forests and other geo-objects: search, processing and reports on acquired data. Includes also User management system to manage contracts, define rights and roles.
  • User administration module
  • Input and search of Geo-based forest data

International Job-Seekers portal

Development of an international Job-Seekers Portal. Implementation of different paying systems: PayPal (CreditCards), SMS Billing, PaySafe card. Usage of Geo Location searching.

Educational management portal

Development of selected modules for a large governmental portal for managing educational information in Latvia.

Software for a large German insurance company

The application supports travelling insurance agents to calculate insurance premiums for clients. The data is being sent also to the server Backend.

ERP Framework maintenance

Development and maintenance of large ERP Framework. Porting of selected components to Web 2.0.

Automatic control of Mainframe Text Applications

Java based automatic control of old Text-based insurance Mainframe applications. Interfaces to external Web-Services and databases.

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